Frankincense: the King Of Oils

As we are celebrating the Kings in our lives this week with Fathers Day, I figured I would share the King of Oils, Frankincense!

You might already know, but it's one of my favorite oils-- but it didn't start out that way! The smell is flowery to me which was hard to take at first.

But the more I've learned about Frankincense and how much it can do, the more it's become one that I use multiple times a day.

How I use Frankincense:

-First of all, it's in my skin cream because of it’s beautifying properties. I love using this serum.

-I take 2 drops internally for it's help with anxious feelings.

-I use the rollerball on my chest if I'm feeling stress.

-I diffuse it with some grapefruit in the evening to help wind down and reduce my toxic load.

-It's in a rollerball with lavender and melaleuca to help soothe my son's skin when he has a rash

It's aromatic and health-promoting* properties are extremely powerful and can easily improve your lifestyle. It also helps the other oils work more effectively!

Now back to the Men:

Is the man in your life suffering from razor bumps from morning shaves?

This DIY Razor Relief Serum will provide relief to his skin featuring my favorite: Frankincense essential oil.

By using this serum infused with Frankincense oil, the chemical properties of the oil will aid in reducing appearances of skin imperfections and the serum will benefit the irritated skin by soothing the sensitive razor bumps for an all-day appearance and feel his skin will love.

Click this image for the recipe: