3 Easy Steps to de-tox your life

Today I want to talk about small ways you can de-tox your life. Over the past two years I’ve been focused on reducing my family’s toxic load at home.

Every day, we are bombarded by toxins in everything from the air we breathe, the stress we feel to the cleaning products we use. About 2 years ago I was diagnosed with depression. I felt crappy all. the. time. And I wasn't sure how to help myself. Jessica introduced me to doterra and I've been able to find new ways to support my emotions and my internal systems. And detoxing my home was part of that.

It's hard to go cold turkey-- and I certainly didn't-- I've made small changes because the last place I want my family to be exposed to toxins is in our home. It's easy to do with doterra and I want to share a few ways with you and I'd LOVE to hear any of your own suggestions.

So what even IS a toxin... A “toxin” is any substance that causes harm to the body— and “toxic load” is the accumulation of those toxins that burden the bodies systems and organs. Toxins can be inhaled in the air we breathe, ingested through food we eat, or absorbed when something is applied to the skin.

Toxins come from countless sources, many of which we are not even aware of. Environmental threats, chemicals, and radiation are three of the most common categories. Excessive exposure to toxins can leave your body tired, bloated, and weak.

This is not meant to be scary in any way-- we've been living like this for many years-- but wouldn't it be nice to be able to learn about how to take measures to reduce your exposure? Yes? Then read on, friends!

Step 1: De-tox from the inside:

A great way to help your body get the support it needs is from doterra’s natural supplements. These are different from any vitamins you’ve taken in the past because these actually work. :-)

These are whole-food supplements that provide you with essential nutrients, metabolism benefits, and powerful antioxidants. So you’ll get everything you need to support your liver, nervous system, digestion, cardiovascular health, immune function and stress management among other things. These supplements are a great first step towards de-toxing your body from the inside out.

Step 2: What are you putting ON your body:

Another easy thing to do is to swap out your current products with all natural products from doterra’s skincare line. My favorite is their Verage line, it’s nurturing and moisturizing without being greasy and it smells delicious! And it’s never tested on animals!

Similarly, take a look at your hair care. I know there are lots of all natural products on the market but I'd guess that they don’t work as well as doterra's. I’ve been using all 4 of their hair care products for about a year and I’ve gotten more compliments about how shiny and healthy my hair looks. And the smell immediately puts me in a good mood. This line is amazing and is really easy to swap out once you get low on your current hair care products.

Step 3: What the heck are you cleaning with?

If you're like I was, you're probably using "healthy" cleaning products like Mrs. Meyer's or Method, etc. Well have you ever looked at the actual ingredients? Take a look and see if you can even pronounce them. I was shocked when I did that.

Let me introduce you to my friend OnGuard. ;-) You've all heard of it but did you know that in addition to it smelling like cinnamon bread it is anti-bacterial and anti-purifying, germ destroying or naturally cleansing.? YES! And there’s a study about how it can kill unwanted pathogens, seasonal or environmental threats among other germs. You can use OnGuard in many ways because it’s so potent, doterra has created an entire line of products from laundry detergent to hand soap to concentrated cleaner to throat drops. You’ll be cleansing your home in a natural, chemical free way and you’ll really feel the benefits of using powerful natural cleaning products within the first use. AND THEY ACTUALLY WORK. Boom.

So there are the 3 easy steps that you can take one at a time. As you run out of your current "natural" products you can replace them with our truly natural and toxin-free versions.