Essential Oils and Bug Bites

I was recently by the magazine Everyday Health to talk about how essential oils can help soothe away irritations from bug bites and how they can act as an effective, natural repellent.

Watch the interview for my tips and tricks to get bugs to Bug Off!

Here are some oils I recommend for repellant:





You can set up your diffuser outside and use about 7 drops total (so about 1-2 drops each) to keep mosquitos at bay.

Or make a spray (see how to do that in the video above) and spray on clothing, seats, etc.

How to help once you've gotten a mosquito bite:

For a 3-4% dilution, you'll want about 10 drops for a 10ml roller bottle.

To make your own here's what you'll need:

-10ml roller bottle (buy here)

-5 drops Lavender (buy here)

-3 drops Peppermint (buy here)

-2 drops Melaleuca (buy here)

-Fractionated Coconut Oil (buy here)

Add the drops to the roller bottle, then fill to the shoulder of the bottle with fractionated coconut oil. Add the roller top and roll directly onto the affected areas. It will soothe and cool your skin.

Let me know if you have any questions, I'm happy to answer them!