How to make a personal inhaler

Personal inhalers can be a convenient way to bring your oils with you. While you will only get aromatic benefits, sometimes that can be exactly what you need to get through things like panic or anxiety, stress or even to help cope with grief.

Today's blend will help you deal with anxious feelings. Let's get started!

1) Choose a personal inhaler tube.

These come in a variety of shapes, colors and material. You can use small PET plastic inhalers, I use these for my kids:

For a more elegant inhaler for adults, I like these:

2) Create your essential Oil Synergy

This can be either a single oil OR a blend of 3-5 oils to get the result you want. You will want a total of 25-30 drops combined.

Mix them together in a small glass bowl to make sure you like the aroma before moving on to step 3.

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3) Add the cotton wick to the bowl of oils

Let the wick sit in the bowl, you can roll it around with your fingers to make sure it absorbs all the oils. Then place the wick into the inhaler tube, close it up and you're ready to go!

Keep the tube capped when not in use. And when you want to use the inhaler, uncap and hold it under your nose and inhale deeply 3 times.

One of my favorite recipes to help with anxious feelings:

  • 10 drops Roman chamomile

  • 14 drops Ylang ylang

  • 4 drops Lavender

  • 1 drop Vetiver


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