Essential Oil Spotlight: Geranium

doTERRA Geranium has a sweet floral aroma and it's one of my favorites to put in my diffuser and use topically.

In the Victorian era, fresh geranium leaves were placed at formal dining tables as decorative pieces and to be consumed as a fresh sprig if desired; in fact, the edible leaves and flowers of the plant are often used in desserts, cakes, jellies, and teas. When consumed in a veggie cap or in your favorite dessert recipe, it calms nerves and lessens stress. You can also diffuse it for an uplifting yet calming aroma.

Citronellol is a main component in Geranium; it acts as a natural insect repellent and is perfect for using during the Spring and Summer months. Add a drop to your body lotion, not only will it help you skin but it will help ward off the bugs!

As an essential oil, Geranium has been used to promote the appearance of clear skin and healthy hair— add a drop to your skin and hair care products for a natural, healthy glow.

With these natural benefits from doTERRA Geranium, there are infinite ways to utilize it all year round.

Here's a great recipe for a DIY herbal hairspray. Leave out the sugar if you just want a deep conditioning spray:

As always, my recommendations for using essential oils is for doTERRA only. Their commitment to quality, purity and testing is why they are the number one distributer of essential oils in the world. Learn more about doterra here.