How to Choose The Right Diffuser

People ask me all the time how can they choose the right diffuser? Let me break it down for you.

1) How large is your room? You want to make sure the diffuser you're using isn't too strong or too weak and covers the right amount of square feet.

2) What time of day are you diffusing? Nighttime? Morning? If it's through the night for a long period of time (longer than 2-4 hours) then I recommend using a diffuser with the ability to run intermittently. You don't want constant mist bombarding you for 8 hours.

3) How long do you want to diffuse for? Similar to #2, if you are running a diffuser for more than a couple of hours then you want to make sure it runs intermittently (5 mins on, 5 mins off).

I run through my 4 favorites and one dud in this video comparison:

Don't have time to watch? Here's a quick comparison guide of my 4 favorites:

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