5 DIY Gift Ideas Using Essential Oils

I love making DIY projects using my essential oils! It's creative and all natural and all that aromatherapy does wonders for my mood. Here are some projects we recently did at my Holiday DIY party, they are easy to do and most take less than 20 minutes. Check out these great DIY essential oil projects:

1) Bath tablets: these would be called baby bath bombs but I didn't want to use citric acid so they are just tablets. They give off just a hint of the essential oil you choose (I loved using Eucalyptus) and when you use soap-making dye/coloring you don't have to worry about it staining your skin. This project takes the longest so make sure you give yourself about 40 minutes total to do this (20 mins is baking so you can do some of the other projects while these are baking). I bought the silicon molds here. The soap coloring is here. And I bought similar jars here.

2) Room Spray: These are fun and easy to do. You can buy your bottles here and swap out this oil for the oil of your choice. And the pretty labels are from here.

3) Bath Salts: I thought it would be cute to package these in glass ornaments and love how they turned out! The ornaments were from Michael's, similar to these. And I used regular Epsom Salts, you can find them at the supermarket, online, Target, etc.

4) Reed Diffusers: These are gorgeous and so easy to make! You can buy the oil storage bottles above (see bath tablets) and the diffuser bottles are here and here are the reeds.

5) Roller Bottles: these take about 5 minutes each to make and a set of 3 makes the perfect gift! You can get your 10ml roller bottles here and your fractionated coconut oil here. The pipettes come with the roller bottles in the link above.

And that's all there is to it, it's really easy to make DIY gifts with your essential oils. If you have any questions, please contact me. I'm happy to help!