Chocolate Recipes using essential oils

It's Fall and for me that means lots of baking. I've been experimenting more with adding essential oils to my recipes for both the flavor and the therapeutic benefits I get from the oils vs extracts.

This week I'm going to be featuring a fun series about how to cook with essential oils. This series combines two of my favorite things: essential oils and chocolate! How sweet it is. :-)

Why should you cook with essential oils instead of dried herbs or extracts? Well extracts are the flavors only (and alcohol based), so you don't get any kinds of systemic support. And essential oils are 50-70 x more powerful than dried herbs. So with essential oils you are getting the rich flavor AND support for your emotions, brain function, digestion, respiratory, etc-- depending upon the essential oil you choose.

Let's kick it off with one of my favorite recipes from the doTERRA blog:

Peppermint Chocolate Patties


1½ cup organic coconut oil

¼ cup raw honey

3 drops Peppermint essential oil

1 cup dark or semi-sweet chocolate chips

1 candy cane, crushed


  1. Whip solid coconut oil, raw honey, and Peppermint essential oil together with hand mixer. The whipped filling should be white and fluffy when complete.

  2. Refrigerate whipped filling for about five minutes.

  3. Use a small scoop or measuring spoon to make small mounds of mint filling. Press down with spoon or finger to make a flat shape.

  4. Place each piece on sheet of parchment paper on top of cookie sheet. Return mints to freezer until ready to coat with chocolate.

  5. In small saucepan or double boiler, gently melt chocolate chips over low heat.

  6. Take mints out of freezer. Use fork to dip each piece in melted chocolate. Place on top of cooling rack.

  7. For holiday fun, sprinkle with crushed candy cane immediately after coating.

Stay tuned for tomorrow's recipe!