How do I host an essential oils class?

I'm so glad you asked! I'm happy to walk you through how to host an essential oils class. You literally have to invite people and I do the rest... but read on...

There are so many ways essential oils can help you, your family, your friends, co-workers. Once people learn all the benefits they get excited to try them out and see the magic for themselves. And there are so many ideas for classes:

  • Healthy Family and Kids – The top oils every household needs for natural health and well-being.

  • Home Spa Party – Custom combining of oils with lotions and bath products.

  • Cooking with Essential Oils – Learn how essentials oils can be used for flavoring dishes.

  • Cleanse and Restore – Rid your body of toxins and feel your best.

  • Essential Skin Care – Learn more about the doTERRA skin care line or teach what oils can be used as natural skin care solutions.

  • Back to School – Natural ways to promote a healthy lifestyle for children, especially during the change of seasons and school transition.

  • Green Cleaning – Keep your house free of toxins by using powerful, natural cleaners.

  • Healthy Mama, Healthy Baby – Keep your body in optimum health as you enjoy the pregnancy journey and adjust to the new baby at home.

How do I host an essential oils class? It's Easy:

-we set up the date and time

-you invite 10-12 friends/family/co-workers to come learn about essential oils

-this is about sharing the oils and having fun together

-you contact them 3 days before and the day of the class to remind them to come

-I show up and hour before the class for set-up

-Friends arrive and the party begins!

-You'll get a free bottle of wild orange, Serenity bath soap and when 5 or more people attend you'll get a $50 diffuser

Do I need to clean my house?


You can host a class at your favorite coffee shop, office, local library, back patio, whatever works for you.

Do I need to cook anything?


Only if you like cooking-- I can send you some super easy recipes. But honestly once people start trying out the oils that's when the magic happens!

I'm nervous, what if no one shows up?

People are so curious about essential oils-- they want to learn more. There is zero pressure to buy anything. And they get free oils! I'm not in this to force anyone to buy stuff, it's relaxed and no pressure. This is about helping people understand how essential oils can help them. It's about fun and sharing. And I like to laugh a lot. So there's that.

Do you have more questions? Please ask me anything-- well not math-- but anything oils related, I'm here to help. Go ahead and click this sentence to send me a message.