Getting Real About Essential Oils

Stephanie Maslow-Blackman and family

I've always been someone who was able to juggle many things at once-- I thrived on working, taking classes, going on trips with my husband and doing international business travel. The busier, the better.

I had my first son 12 years ago and chose a new path for myself. I started my jewelry business from a corner of our tiny apartment so that I could stay home with my son.

And it was the hardest time in my life.

As a multi-tasking, high-energy person I thought something was wrong with me that I couldn't handle being a stay-at-home mom and run a small business on the side. But something was wrong, I just didn't realize it until recently.

My boys are 7 and 12 now and (with the help of a therapist) I've come to realize that for a long time now l have been suffering from depression and anxiety, and over the past 2 years it has been the worst. I always thought there's no way I'm depressed. I don't lie in bed weeping. I get shit done. I show up every day for my family, my customers, my husband. I can't possibly be depressed.

All these years I was showing up, growing my businesses, making dinner... but all I wanted to do was sleep. I hated myself and had a short temper with my kids and my husband over ridiculous things. I even felt rage when someone walked too slowly in front of me.

When I finally was honest with myself and opened up about it, my therapist said I might be depressed. I honestly thought depression was when you cried all day and couldn't get out of bed. I thought what I was feeling was just what it was like to be a mom and entrepreneur.

I was wrong.

So it took a lot of effort but I started researching alternative ways to help myself. I tried acupuncture, Chinese herbs, exercise and still felt blah. I even did experiments with gemstones to see if they changed the pH of water to help affect your mood (they don't).

Then I won an essential oil kit at my son's school auction and figured, "Why not, I've tried everything else." The first week I started using my essential oils it literally changed my life. I'm a New Yorker and skeptical as hell, so at first I didn't believe it was the essential oils that were helping me. I mean, they're just like perfume, right?

Wrong. Not all essential oils are created equal.

My journey of research and classes has taught me that therapeutic grade oils actually have healing properties in addition to being used for aromatherapy. Since I started using them I've felt more energy, had better sleep and no more anxiety or depression.

I didn't want to believe they worked, but they do. And my husband and kids have seen such a difference that they became curious about them. Now we all use essential oils daily to help with everything from sleep to focus, stomachaches to growing pains. There is an oil for everything and we love getting our new shipments of essential oils and doTERRA products every month. It's like the whole house is dancing. We are essential oil weirdos.

So if you've been struggling with health issues, mental health, fatigue, insomnia and if you're open to natural forms of healthcare please contact me today.

I am happy to talk more about the oils I've used and help make recommendations tailored to you. I've been able to help my family and friends with their health issues like hashimotos, reflux, insomnia, etc. and it feels so good to be able to help people on a personal level.

If any of this resonates with you, feel free to reach out to me. No judgements. Let's get you on your path to wellness!