Oil spotlight: CEDARWOOD

Often referred to as Cedar oil, this essential oil is both unique and useful. With a warm, wood-like aroma, Cedarwood oil possesses cleansing and soothing properties that make it useful for promoting healthy-looking skin, soothing the mind and body, cleaning around the house, or promoting a calm environment in any room. Cedarwood is also extremely useful for repelling insects both inside and outside (which is why closets are made from cedar to repel moths).

I love incorporating Cedarwood into my diffuser blends because of oils warm, inviting scent. I often mix Cedarwood oil with other warm oils like Cinnamon and Sandalwood. It also blends well with floral oils like Patchouli and Jasmine, or citrus oils like Bergamot and Lime.

Here are two lovely Cedarwood essential oil diffuser blends:

Alpine Awakening diffuser blend 2 drops Bergamot oil 1 drop Cedarwood oil 2 drops Wintergreen oil

California Coast diffuser blend 2 drops Frankincense oil 2 drops Cedarwood oil 1 drop Rosemary oil 2 drops Wild Orange oil

cedarwood essential oil