How to make travel sized essential oils

DIY travel sized essential oils

Guess what?! The best way to use your essential oils is to have them with you. At. All. Times.

I realize that makes me sound like a crazy oil lady.

Moving on.

So I like to make teeny tiny versions of my favorite oils, not just because the bottles are SO CUTE but because if I lose them I don't feel badly because it was just a tiny sample and not my big juicy bottle of oil. Which would make me weep.

So I made a quick video about how I make travel-sized sample bottles of essential oils. They are great for travel, for keeping a set at your office for your diffuser (you DO have a diffuser at work, right?). Now that I mention it, here are a bunch of places you could stash sets of your favorite essential oils in their new itty-bitty sizes:

-bedside table

-overnight bag


-gym bag


-your desk at work

-sending a set to your best friend because you love them

-making your spouse/partner a set also because you love them

-your Mom. Moms love essential oils.

You get the idea. Now watch the video:

Stay tuned for the next video about making your own mini rollerballs!! SQUEEE so cute!!