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July 24, 2018

Whether you’re traveling by car or plane, some people are more prone to feel nausea caused by motion sickness. My son is one of them and when he doesn't feel well, none of us do! LOL.

And when you're feeling sick, you would do almost anything to get rid of that feeling.


July 13, 2018

Do you love summer, but hate the heat that comes with it?

Cool off with doTERRA Spearmint!

Its sweet, refreshing aroma is cleansing and uplifting, making it ideal to support focus and inspire a positive mood.

Spearmint is very different from Peppermint, and is a milder op...

June 27, 2018

DIY cleaning products doesn't mean Difficult or Time Consuming. Or that it's complicated. Believe me, I used to be the last person who wanted to spend time making my own cleaning products. *eye roll*

So I thought I was doing the right thing when I bought "natural" brand...

June 23, 2018

Personal inhalers can be a convenient way to bring your oils with you. While you will only get aromatic benefits, sometimes that can be exactly what you need to get through things like panic or anxiety, stress or even to help cope with grief.

Today's blend will help you...

June 5, 2018

Are you still using over-the-counter baby care products but know you need to make the switch to a more natural line?

The dōTERRA Baby Collection is a safe, effective, natural way to cleanse, moisturize, and care for your baby. The calming blend of essential oils will le...

May 18, 2018

Essential oils are powerful and should be used with care. Especially when using them with children, elderly or pets. Here is the dilution chart from Robert Tisserand.

And here is the recommended % dilution by age: 

May 18, 2018

Petitgrain comes from the twigs and leaves of the bitter orange tree (Neroli also comes from the same tree, but from the flowers). 

The name Petitgrain is a French word that translates to “little grains.” It was given this name because the fruit of the bitter orang...

May 2, 2018

doTERRA Geranium has a sweet floral aroma and it's one of my favorites to put in my diffuser and use topically. 

In the Victorian era, fresh geranium leaves were placed at formal dining tables as decorative pieces and to be consumed as a fresh sprig if desired...

April 18, 2018

Do you ever feel like you have too much stress and want to detox, but don’t know how?

doTERRA’s Juniper Berry essential oil has a woody, spicy, yet fresh aroma that creates a calming and grounding effect. It's a tiny bottle of chillaxing goodness.

You can add one to two...

February 3, 2018

People ask me all the time how can they choose the right diffuser? Let me break it down for you.

1) How large is your room? You want to make sure the diffuser you're using isn't too strong or too weak and covers the right amount of square feet.

2) What time of day are yo...

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