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Do you want my beginner's guide to essential oils?


My name is Stephanie and I live in NYC. I am a trained metalsmith and jeweler and I own Metalicious.com my fine jewelry company. I'm also a Mom to two boys and a wife to my sweet husband of 15 years.

Being an entrepreneur, Mom, Wife, Friend, Daughter, and Sister is so rewarding but can also be incredibly stressful. For a long time I struggled to find balance and suffered from panic attacks and extreme anxiety. I would wake up dreading each day. I was stressing my life away and lost my joy.


I tried many different alternatives and nothing seemed to help, but I was open minded and willing to give most things a try. Then I found essential oils and fell in love with the way they make me feel and how they've helped support the health and wellness of my family. Even my boys have their favorite oil blends and love using them in their daily routine. Essential oils changed my life and made me want to help others on their wellness journey.

My mission with Whole Life NYC to help educate others about essential oils, to provide a holistic alternative and to help others build a successful essential oil business. 

Important: I am not a doctor, I do not prescribe, diagnose, treat or cure diseases. I share what I know for educational purposes only.


"Thank you again for everything yesterday! We were so excited to have you in and everyone absolutely LOVED the aromatherapy session.

It was a huge hit. "



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